Cherished Infant Guides - Choosing the right car seat


Choosing the right car seat

We found with both weight based car seats and the new iSize car seats out there, its really its hard to know what seat to buy.

Here we give the guides to the 2 systems, and the other ways to make buying and using a car seat easier and safer:

Weight based car seats (Based on approval standard ECE R44)

Child Weight

Age (As a broad guide for our customers - not part of ECE R44)


Seat Style


 0 -12 Months


Rear facing


 0 -15 Months


Rear facing


 9 months - 4 years


Rear of forward facing – option to use shield instead of harness


 3 years - 7 years


Rearward or forward facing, may make use car seatbelt


 6 -12 years


Rearward or forward facing, uses car seatbelt.


I-Size Height based car seats (Based on approval standard R129)

Child Height

Age (As a broad guide)


Seat Style

0-135cm as detailed by specification

iSize is based on height of child but to help you select car the best car seat we include them in the group categories on Cherished Infant

No groups are used but to help you select car the best car seat we include them in the group categories on Cherished Infant

Must face rearwards until at least 15 months. Child must use car seat until 12 years old, or 135cm tall, whichever comes first.


Booster seats:

Booster seats once in common use, are now only permitted for sale for in group 3. If you bought a group 2 booster seat in the past you are still permitted to use it.


Isofix connection points allow you to simply connect the seat direct to the car without worrying about if a seat belt has been correctly routed. It’s really convenient and fast – but do check your car has isofix points before you buy.

Rearward for Longer

It is safer for children to face rearwards and a lot of car seats allow extended rear facing beyond the legal minimums in the table above  - look out for these for the safest seat position.


All car seats and Cars are different sizes and shapes. Use manufacturer guides to find out what car seats fits your car.

Remember even if your car has 3 rear isofix points, it doesn’t guarantee you can install 3 seats at the same time.

For a list of cars which can fit 3 Isofix car seats across the second row of seats see here:


 Our customers asked us: Do I have to buy iSize to get the safest car seat?
We said: iSize is the latest safety standard for child car seats. It has been designed to be both the safest in any situation and easy to install to minimise the chance of incorrect use. Although there are some truly great non-isize car seats on the market, an iSize certification guarantees it has passed the latest stringent safety tests.



Coralie’s Tip - some car seats can be used over multiple groups which is great!

If you choose one of these look for most hardwearing/washable items as you may be using the same seat for many years.