Choosing the Right High Chair

With so much time is enjoyed together with baby at feeding time,its worth considering how and where your likely to use high chairs. Here are our top things to consider when making your choice:


Whilst Wooden high chairs can be stylish, they are more prone to chips and knocks than other materials. Look for hard wearing materials like plastics with easy wipe down materials or lift out trays which clean through the dishwasher.


Unless you have a permanent home for the high chair in your dining area, it is likely you will be moving it around regularly.Look for light weights to aid moving them.


Although all highchairs are suitable from weaning stage, there are now a number of products available which then convert into booster seats bringing them to the table with their parents as they get older. It can be cost effective to opt for one of these from the start to avoid then needing a separate booster seat.

Portability and Storage

Look for fold-ability and light weight so you can take Highchairs for occasional use away from the dining area, and you can store it safely out of the way when not in use.