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CHERISHED INFANT (UK) LTD Company Number 11276951
To deliver advice and range of Baby and Infant Products to Parents to be and parents of early years children. To be the leading seller in the field.
Offering via the online channel allows choice for our customers to shop in the way which suit our customers. We reach our customers through targeting their high dwell time websites and highly target advertising.
Fulfillment is predominantly via the Drop Ship or direct from vendor method. This is to ensure we can offer the widest  and latest range of colours, fashions and innovation.
Trading Environment
Although the Nursery market is strong, many traditional Baby and Infant product retailers have been forced to leave the market through the cost of physical locations and customers preference to shop online and expectation of more choice than ever mean 2021 is shaping up to be the biggest swing in this direction yet seen.
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 CHERISHED INFANT (UK) LTD Company Number 11276951