Choosing the Right Pushchair

There are some really important things to think about when choosing your Pushchair, here we outline the choices you have and what to look out for.

From Birth

Not all pushchairs can be used from birth. Most parents find they need to get out and about regularly after baby is born making a "from birth" pushchair something to look out for if its your baby's first pushchair.

Fold compactness

When you look for a pushchair also look to see how big it is when folded, as there can be a large variation from one pushchair to another.

Getting around 

First off you need to consider whether the Pushchair will fit in your house  - an obvious barrier but Pushchairs do vary significantly in size - especially important if you are looking at a double or a triple!. It also needs to fit in your car and consider it fitting in partners and family cars.

Stowage and storage 

Lookout for somewhere to store your shopping, lots of stowage is also great for coats and boots as they get older.

Attaching a car seat

For newborns it can be great to move them straight from the car onto the pushchair. Lookout for Pushchairs which can attach an infant carrier car seat, sometimes using an additional adapter.

Going off Road

If your local walk route isn't a smooth tarmac pavement then it can be great to select a pushchair with off road capabilities. Lookout for Pushchairs with pneumatic tyres - this means they are air filled and cope with bumpier surfaces with ease.


If you need a twin or triplet pushchair, check out the width. Also consider some singles convert to doubles with an adapter. In general there are 2 main types of double, once child behind the other (with a restricted view), or side by side. You will save width by going for one behind the other, but you sacrifice 1 child's view. On the other hand, side by side doubles will be wider than a normal pushchair and may restrict you in some shops and confined places.


Coralie’s Tip - Start with a pushchair you can get your infant around in from birth, for example one which you can attach your car seat to. Once you are used to taking them out and they are a little older there are some great super light convenient pushchairs and off-road pushchairs to suit your needs